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Prepare for your visit

Please read the information below to prepare for your visit prior to your Bright Side Vets on Wheels appointment. Being prepared will help both us and you to get the most from the visit and in turn provide a better level of care for your pet.

On The Day of your Visit

Before your visit our crew will call or text you when they are on their way to your property. Due to the nature of our work and the mobile service, occasional delays can be out of our control (over-running on previous appointments, traffic congestion etc). If you are not able to accommodate any delay to your appointment time, please advise us on booking and we will try to offer you a slot where we are less likely to be held up. If we will be delayed for any reason, we will call/text to notify you of this ASAP, so please keep your phone nearby

Preparing your pet

If we expect a blood sample to be taken, we may ask you to starve your pet for 8 hours prior to the visit.
For larger dogs, a clear floor space will be sufficient. For smaller dogs, cats, rabbits and other small pets, it would be helpful to have access to a table or worktop. In all cases, please ensure the area is well lit. 


It may be helpful for your dog to remain on a short leash. Please use a muzzle if your dog is inclined to snap/bite. You may find this easier to do prior to our arrival whilst your dog is still calm. We can provide muzzles if you do not have one. If you are concerned you may not be able to muzzle your dog, please call us for further advice.


Cats are masters of escape and hiding, therefore please ensure cat flaps are locked and windows are closed. Confine your cat to one room before our arrival. A living room or kitchen may be more suitable, but a bedroom is ok if your kitty doesn’t have access to under the bed.

Aggressive pets

We understand that some animals may show signs of aggression when they are worried or scared and we kindly ask that you let us know beforehand if this may be the case with your pet. By visiting your pet at home, this can often result in a more relaxed examination of your pet. However, some pets may feel more confident and/or defensive of their environment. Please follow the advice given above and call us if you have any further concerns.

Extremely aggressive pets may require sedation or examination at the practice.
The safety of our crew, clients and the pet themselves is of upmost importance to us and we reserve the right to refuse treatment if a visit becomes unsafe.

Further Assistance

Please make us aware of any special requirements your household may have. Our aim is to make the visit a positive experience for you, your family and your pet.

Parking & Access

Please advise us of any parking restrictions around your home. We require space to access our van from both sides. If you live in a controlled parking zone, we will need a visitor permit to be obtained. Please ensure the access to your property is clear as depending on the nature of our visit we may be carrying heavy/bulky equipment.

If your address is difficult to find, please help us by giving us details at the time of booking.

Please find all our up to date COVID-19 Information here including information on what appointments we can offer.