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Deputy Head Nurse

Registered Veterinary Nurse

My name is: Joseph

My position at Bright Side is: Deputy Head Nurse – Registered Veterinary Nurse.

I am originally from: Swadlincote.

In the past I have gained experience by: working at different vets and keeping my own pets.

I have the following qualifications: GCSE’s and A Levels.

My favourite pastimes include: going out with my friends and watching TV.

My furry friends are: 8 cats, 3 dogs and 7 guinea pigs.

If I wasn’t at Bright Side I would be: working at a different vets.

My favourite holiday location is: France.

Something that not many people know about me is: when I was 11 I broke one of my teeth in half, resulting in having half a false tooth.

I love Bright Side Vets because: they give me many opportunities to develop my training and skills.