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My name is: Emma.

My position at Bright Side is: Receptionist.

I am originally from: Glossop.

I have the following qualifications: First Diploma in Animal Care, National Diploma in Animal Care.

In the past I have gained experience by: working at different veterinary surgeries in Ilkeston and also working in kennels and rescue centres.

My favourite pastimes include: spending time with my family and having mini adventures!

My furry friends are: my 2 guinea pigs, 4 budgies and kakariki (a type of tiny parrot).

If I wasn’t working at Bright Side I would be: working in a zoo or possibly a neurosurgeon.

Something that not many people know about me is: In my spare time I fight crime like Spider-Man but I don’t have a suit!

My favourite holiday location is: Newquay as I love the sea.

I love Bright Side Vets because: the team are lovely and we all get along.