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At Bright Side Vets we believe in giving you all of the information you need about our care and related costs. You will always get an estimate (verbal or printed) for services we offer you in practice.

Charges are determined according to the drugs, materials, consumables and retail products used, in addition to the time taken to deliver our services.  A detailed invoice is available electronically or printed.  We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, so we do not print invoices automatically but offer these at the time of payment.

VAT is charged at the prevailing rate on all fees, drugs and retail products or services.

Below are some typical charges

First Consultation£47
Follow up consultation£30
Vaccination (dog)£49.50
Vaccination (cat)£54
Vaccination (rabbit) RHD1,RHD2 & Myxi£73
Dog castration, from£185
Bitch spay, from£250
Neutering for a cat, from£76
Neutering for a rabbit, from£105

Emergency Fees

For emergencies during the day, outside of our normal consulting hours there is an additional charge is £34.

Emergencies after consulting hours during the week (after 18:30hrs) or at the weekend (after 15:00hrs) there is an additional charge of £134.50.

Please note these charges are in addition to any medication, procedures or consultation charges that are levied at the time.