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REW for Vets!

Why get involved in REW?

REW (Reptile Awareness Week) has been created by a first opinion small animal practice who has a passion for animals of all shapes and sizes! We felt there was a lack of consistent, accurate and easily assessable information about some of the UK’s most loved pet reptiles!

Our aims are:

• To increase the awareness and knowledge amongst reptile owners about best practice in husbandry and health care of our five champion species

• To promote greater understanding and knowledge of how to handle, care for and treat reptiles in veterinary practice.

• Educate the public about these amazing creatures.

If you feel your staff and clients could benefit from anything REW is doing, please feel free to download our FREE social media pack to kick start your practices journey into reptile madness!

Is REW about all pet reptiles?

We have chosen FIVE of the most commonly owned pet reptile species to focus on for REW 2021. There are plenty more reptile friends kept as pets but to try and keep things ‘bite-size’ for our first year we are focusing on:

  • Leopard Geckos
  • Corn Snakes
  • Horsfield Tortoises
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Royal Pythons

How to get your vet practice involved in REW!

We have designed a social media pack with everything you will need to start your own Reptile Education Week for your practice! It is unbranded allowing you to embrace REW fully and share our information far and wide while keeping it consistent for your practice.

We want to keep everything fun and eye catching (unlike a lot of reptile based branding), so our bright colours used in all REW posts look great on anyone’s social media.

What is in the pack:

  • Content schedule for REW 2021
  • Content templates for each champion species
  • ‘Fast Facts’ Infographic about each champion species
  • Extensive care sheets that can be shared online or printed for in house use.
  • Printable REW themed colouring pages
  • ‘Did You Know?’ reptile facts to aid your own content
  • REW Logo and Banner
  • Reptile based deals to use for staff and clients

Our pack has been designed to allow your practice to put your own flare on REW 2021! Share as little or as much as you want and help us educate as many people on correct reptile care!