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Join us for our open evening for vets across the Midlands to meet our team and learn about our referral services. You’ll also get the chance to see our new practice in Tamworth.  CPD will be provided by our Internal Medicine specialist, Alenka Hrovat who is a European and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine.  The topic of the CPD is ‘Diagnosis and staging of the CKD – let’s keep it simple and up to date!’


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....from the perspective of a medicine specialist, managing the referred cases and advising the general practioners about the management of their cases, diagnosis and staging of the CKD is still a hit and miss in the general practice. ACE inhibitors and kidney diets are still routinely prescribed every time
CKD is diagnosed, regardless if required or not, SDMA is not correctly interpreted and used, and then there is the proteinuria and hypertension that need to be properly diagnosed and treated, but somehow still aren't.

This CPD is a short and sweet summary of long book chapters, consensus statements, currently published literature etc., pretty much everything that is useful, but no one has got time to read in a busy day to day clinical life. We promise that there will be very little theory and
mostly lots of practical tips shared during this CPD, that will hopefully help you get the upper hand on the CKD in the practice.


If this CPD is of interest to you, or you would simply like to come and have a look around our beautiful new practice, please submit your details below.

Would you like to attend our open evening at Bright Side Vets (Tamworth)?
Would you like to attend the CPD on the "diagnosis and staging of the CKD?"