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Asking for Advice on a Case

We understand that you do not always need a referral for a patient, but may require a bit of friendly advice.  We are more than happy to help by discussing cases.  If that is the case, please complete the form. We aim to respond to all advice enquiries within 48 hours.

Sending a Patient for Referral

We have tried to make the referral process as quick and efficient as possible.  All we need is for you to send an email with the patient’s history along with your contact details (including name, phone number and Practice that your referring from).   We would also like a brief reason for referral but do not require a full referral letter.  You can also use the form at the bottom of the page if you prefer.

Once we have received your email, we will contact the client to make an appointment, so please make sure the client’s contact details are up to date.  We aim to give you an update within 48 hours to confirm that we have spoken with your client and that an appointment has been made.

Following the appointment with your client we will send you an update of your patient’s progress within seven days.

For urgent referrals

Please call us directly on 01283 617020, option 0


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Please provide a brief description of the case and why you are refrring it to us?