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At Bright Side Vets we believe in giving you all of the information you need about our care and related costs. You will always get an estimate (verbal or printed) for services we offer you in practice.

As an additional help we have created this page as a guide to common drugs that you may be prescribed. Some of these medications are available at online pharmacies at a lower cost (sometimes cheaper than we can buy them) but we have a consistent mark up on all of the products we sell to cover the costs we have as a small business. We are not in it to rip you off so will happily discuss alternative products, alternative sources to purchase things (if this is appropriate to your animals care – sometimes alternatives are not an option). If you are comparing our prices, just make sure you are looking like for like. If you have a concern please just ask.

Common Medications we provide

Please note that all of these prices were correct at the point of publication but are subject to changes without prior notification (October 2023)

DrugPrice per unit/ tablet/ml
Apoquel Tabs 5.4MG£1.61*
Betafuse Gel 15gm£18.94
Canaural 15ml£24.05
Caninsulin 10ml£53.81
Cardisure 1.25mg£0.65*
Chloramphenicol Eye Drops 0.5% 10ml£38.08
Gabapentin 100mg£0.25*
Isathal 3gm£17.02
Kesium Chewable Tablets 50mg£0.76*
Libeo Flavour tablets 10mg£0.36*
Loxicom Cat Oral Suspension 5mls£15.45
Loxicom Dog Oral Suspension 10mls£17.10
Noroclav 250mg£1.69*
Omeprazole Tablets 2.5mg£0.42*
Optixcare Eye Lube Plus 20g£14.15
Paracetamol Suspension 250mg/5ml per ml£0.11*
Prednicare 5mg (Prednisolone)£0.28*
Surosolve Ear Cleaner 125ml£34.12
Thyforon 200mcg£0.27*

* medication dispensed by tablet or in liquid format is subject to a fixed dispensing fee in addition.

Long-Term Medication Discount

Bright Side Vets is committed to providing affordable, high quality care for your fur babies throughout their lives. We understand that long-term treatment can be costly, particularly for uninsured pets. For this reason, if you are a member of our VIPets Health Club, we offer a long-term medication discount from 10% which is applied to any prescription only medication that your pet has been prescribed for a minimum of 6 months.

Our VIP members also receive their monthly flea and worm treatment as part of the plan, alongside lot’s of other benefits including their yearly booster vaccination. Find out more here! 

Further to this, the administration charge for us to complete insurance forms is waived for our VIP members.