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Bright Side Vets

About Bright Side Vets

Bright Side Vets are an independent family run practice located in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire andTamworth, Staffordshire.  We provide a professional, friendly service that treats your client and their pets like they are our own. With our amazing team of professionals Bright Side Vets aims to be your first choice for your pet (and not just when they are poorly but to help make sure they are as healthy and happy as they can be). The service you will receive here is based on what we would expect to receive when we go to a vets…or indeed any place where a service is provided.

The promises we make to our clients when they join us are as follows.  We aim to always…

  • Be Trusted and Reliable – we will always be honest and clear with our communication and look to be consistent in our approach.
  • Provide Quality (of care and service) – we will always try to provide the best possible service for you and your pets.
  • Offer Value for money – we are not a budget brand but equally we recognise pets can be costly.  We will always be transparent with our prices, will not charge you an unfair price and be open to a discussion.
  • Be Professional – Our crew are always having their knowledge updated and we will always give you the best of our abilities.  Where we don’t know we will support you to find the answer.
  • Treat your fur babies like family – We will always treat you and your fur family with compassion and kindness.  When they are with us; we will look after them like one of our own.
  • Deliver a “Bright Attitude” – we will always try to be give you service that is unique, special and as innovative as it is consistent.  To us you and your pets will always be more than just a number.

Our Services

At Bright Side Vets, we offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your pet healthy and happy. Our experienced crew can provide everything from routine check ups and vaccinations to emergency care and surgery. We also offer a variety of other services, from Animal Health Certificates for travel through to new pet advice. We are committed to providing your pet with the highest quality of care, and we are always available to answer your questions and concerns.

Have you heard about?

VIP Pets Club

Bright Side Vets firmly believe that prevention is better than cure and the VIPets club health plan will help you to achieve the same goal.

Our packages have everything that your pet needs annually plus discounts off the things that he or she might need (or want) less frequently, such as treatments or toys. Our premium package even offers UNLIMITED vet consultations!

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