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Spot the Difference – Bright Side Style!


Have you found it yet? 


I’ll give you a clue, you’ll need a good EYE to SNIFF out this one! 

Well done, you’ve found it! 

“But why?” I hear you ask! Let me tell you a little bit more about our superstar Rolo and why he came to visit our lovely Vet Jess recently. 

Rolo came to see vet Jess for a referral appointment because he had a deep ulcer in his right eye.  

Delicate surgery

As an advanced practitioner in ophthalmology, Jess can perform delicate surgery on the cornea (surface of the eye) using an operating microscope. This special piece of kit allows her to repair deep ulcers, which could lead to eye rupture and removal if left untreated.  

Corneal grafts can be tricky surgeries and require dedication from owners to apply eye drops frequently afterwards.  

It soon became clear that the fold of skin above Rolo’s nose was rubbing his eyes, contributing to the irritation. Therefore, Rolo’s owners decided to have his nasal fold removed to relieve his discomfort.  

As you can see in the second picture the large fold of tissue going over his nose is gone and his little face looks very handsome! The pink area on the right eye is where his corneal graft is – just look how comfortable and wide open his eyes are! 

Such a Handsome Boy!

Brachycephalic Burdens

Brachycephalic breeds, like Pugs, often have eye issues and need care for this. We recommend bringing these breeds to see us if they do have painful eyes, as they deteriorate quickly. Nasal fold removal is also beneficial for dogs with skin issues as removing the fold can help with the itchiness in this area and make them a lot more comfortable.  

If you feel your pet has a large nasal fold like Rolo and you would like to talk to our team about removal then give us a call!