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Marley’s Ongoing Battle: Skin and Ear Troubles


The handsome Marley, a 10 year old Tibetan terrier, came to visit Monika the vet at our Tamworth branch with an ongoing history of skin and ear problems.  

From the moment he strutted through the door we loved his cheeky personality! 

Not all of our patients are as willing for snuggles and cuddles, but that doesn’t stop us loving them, I mean, who doesn’t love a cheeky personality!?






Marley’s Path to Recovery: Endocrine Check First

After reading Marley’s past clinical history and having another chat with Marley’s mum, they agreed that the best way forward, before adding in any other medications to the mix, would be to rule out something called Endocrine disease. 

Marley’s tests came back supporting hypothyroidism.  





Unraveling Thyroid Troubles in Dogs: Signs and Symptoms

The thyroid hormones have multiple effects on the body, their main task is to control metabolic rate. As metabolic rate declines due to low levels of thyroid hormones, dogs will slow down, they can be less eager or even unwilling to exercise and loos interest in their surroundings. Their coat can become dull and dry and sometimes fails to grow after it has been clipped. 

Commonly we will see thinning and hair loss on their “flanks” (the sides of their bodies), their tails, legs and neck. 

Marley’s Comeback: Thriving After Thyroid Treatment

Marley’s treatment for his under active thyroid was started straight away and over the period of few weeks we could see Marley getting better, his coat started to grow back, he is much more energetic and comfortable. 

Marley will continue to have regular thyroid tests to ensure we are dosing him effectively. 

Magnificent Marley: Our Premium VIP Member Benefits

Magnificent Marley is one of our Premium VIP members, this means that, as well as his preventative healthcare, he also gets unlimited consultations with our vets, which is already proving to be very useful, a blood test and 15% off his long-term medication for his hypothyroidism! 

Marley’s standout character has been the reason he has had multiple nominations from the team to be Junes Star Pet, we look forward to your next visit.