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Meet Jessie,

The adorable West Highland White Terrier who stole our hearts and earned the title of our star pet for the month of March.

Jessie’s owners noticed her breath was becoming quite stinky, but they also noticed a small lump on her shoulder, however, due to the sudden change in size and colour they decided to bring her in and get it checked!

After examination, our vet Tatum, advised that Jessie should be booked in for a lumpectomy (removal of the lump) as well as a dental to make her teeth nice and clean!


Our dedicated team got to work a few weeks later, we removed Jessies lump and sent it off to the external lab to do histopathology to find out exactly what it is. But our care didn’t stop there. Recognizing the importance of overall health, we addressed Jessie’s dental concerns as well. Her teeth, with some tartar build-up, received the attention they needed and we performed a dental including a scale and polish, leaving Jessie with a shiny, bright smile that mirrors her delightful personality.



The lump, upon examination from the lab, turned out to be a Pilomatricoma—a type of skin tumour that can be a cause for concern. Luckily for Jessie, the lab confirmed we successfully removed the lump and obtained good margins to ensure Jessie’s full recovery.


While the diagnosis was challenging, Jessie’s resilience and the support of her loving owners played a crucial role in her successful journey towards healing. Despite undergoing procedures, Jessie remained sweet and lovely throughout, endearing herself to our entire team.

The Road to Recovery

Post-surgery, Jessie has bounced back to her lively self, bringing joy and warmth to everyone around her. However, we understand the importance of ongoing monitoring, especially in cases like Jessie’s. Our commitment to her well-being continues as we keep a close eye on any potential lumps and bumps ensuring there is no sign of spread.

Jessie’s story is a testament to the strength and spirit of our furry companions. We celebrate her not only as our star pet but also as a reminder of the resilience that exists in the bonds between pets and their devoted owners.

As we move forward, Jessie will remain a cherished member of our extended family, and we look forward to many more moments of joy and good health with this brave Westie by our side.