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Why mobile?

What are the benefits of a mobile veterinary service?

Getting your pet to the vet can sometimes be a tricky or even a stressful task for both you and your pet. However over 85% of pets we see in practice, can be seen and treated at home. Our mobile practice aims to bring our high standard of care and award winning customer service to you. In doing so not only do you get the compassionate, convenient and gold standard care in the comfort of your own home but also provides additional benefits, including;

  • No consultation room, which may make your pet nervous
  • Not having to worry about sitting in a potentially busy waiting area
  • Loud noises, which may upset your pet
  • No risk of coming into contact with other sick animals
  • No travel required

Our FAQ’s page should have all the answers you need, but if you have any further questions please call our friendly reception team on 01283 617020.