Wonky Pets Rescue – Corrie’s Journey

By: Ellie Bates

In normal circumstances our annual dog walk in support of Wonky Pet Rescue would have taken place by now.  This is one of the main rescue organisations we support locally at Bright Side Vets, another being Harley’s Hounds.  It is sad that at a time when the rescues need our support more than ever, we have had to postpone our event.  It is heart breaking for all the Bright Side Crew that we cannot do this fun event this year. Not only because of all the extra fuss we get to give the dogs on the walk., but the event sees the annual Bright Side Bake off and we all love a bit of cake!

Wonky Pets Rescue is a non-destruct rescue that helps all sorts of animals with any issues.

Those animals who cannot be re-homed due to any of these issues are kept and loved by Wonky Pets for life.

Wonky Pets Rescue is run solely by volunteers. As such they rely on the kindness of donations and events to provide the lifelong care to their forever animals. With donations also helping all their current and future re-homing efforts. We love seeing our Wonky furry friends when they come to practice and during lock down this has not stopped.  In fact, we have seen some amazing animals through our doors, take gorgeous Corrie as an example.  A black Shar Pei that has been rescued from a neglectful situation and now in the care of Wonky Pets Rescue who was in dire need of a complicated and expensive surgery.

Corrie had a complex surgery called a TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation) through Wonky Pets Rescue.

This was to elevate all pain in relation to any reoccurring infections and scaring that Corrie has endured over the years.

After the TECA we tried hard to keep Corrie away from the surgery site, with a cone of shame and a very fetching head dressing. Unfortunately, Corrie tried harder and managed to get to the site for a good old scratch! This meant things were not able to heal as we would have liked and Corrie needed a Pinnectomy, the removal of the ear flap.

Before the large procedure Corrie had a reputation of being quite unruly. Our clinical team had to provide some extra love and care to keep Corrie and us safe. We soon discovered that Corrie’s pain before the surgery must have been causing him to be snappy. Once Corrie was all fixed up by our Head Vet Kelly, he was wagging his tail after each visit and was on his way to his new forever home in Wales. Thanks to Wonky Pets Corrie is now a happy and pain free lad in his forever home.

This was right at the height of the governmental lock-down procedures for COVID-19.

With COVID 19 being a at the forefront of all our minds we were all getting to grips with our new socially distanced reality with a condensed group of staff. We think it is safe to say that everyone’s life has been affected by the current pandemic. Some business and charities have suffered greatly due to the knock-on effects with job availability and cash flow.

With the dedication the Wonky Pets Rescue provides to the animals in their care, donations are more important than ever. This time of year, there would normally be when lots of local festivals and events. These events would help spread the word about these amazing causes. Due to the pandemic we are looking for ideas for how we can support the rescues safely so if you have any inspiration please email us with your ideas.  You can offer to support Wonky Pets directly by clicking here.