The Oscars come to Bright Side for Pet Of The Month

By: Jason

So it’s that time again to announce the Bright Side Star Pet of the month! As usual it’s tricky as we have had some very deserving patients and owners!

Seeing as we have just been through Oscars season (and I am such a film fan), I thought it would be in-keeping to announce the winners in the style of the famous film award ceremony.

So the nominations are: –

Mr “Rossi” Ward for coming up with the most unusual skin presentation. Rossi needed skin biopsies and endocrine blood investigation. Poor Rossi regained his Hollywood smile in time for the red carpet by enduring a large dental procedure as well. He was very brave having multiple extractions.


The second nomination goes to “Dash” for his original performance in ingesting just about everything he could get his mouth into. Dash had to have emergency life-saving surgery to remove three toys and large triangular pieces of plastic from his stomach and intestines. Thankfully Dash has made it to a new home after being cared for and funded by Harleys Hound charity.


Thirdly Miss “Bella” Molloy is nominated for her debut in bilateral corneal ulceration. Bella exceeded expectation by not only having one severe corneal ulcer that would not heal without surgery (and 6 weeks of wearing a buster collar) but two! A corneal ulceration developed in the opposite eye needing the exact same treatment.Kate Molloy (Bella’s mum) deserves a mention for her supporting role in this marathon treatment which has only just been completed after several months.


Lastly “Bulls eye” the magnificent is nominated for his theatrical piece and leading role in just about having as many illnesses as possible in any one time including mast cell tumours, that have been removed, hip dysplasia, arthritis, cruciate disease, and interdigital cysts to name but a few.Bulls eye is doing fab on treatment and is our first acupuncture patient!  Alongside Dash he is another friend from Harleys Hounds a great local charity that we are proud to support.


So without further ado, (drum roll please) this month’s Bright Side Star Pet is….BELLA MOLLOY.   Bella and mum Kate have been amazing and deserve more than just pet of the month but a lifetime “treatment” award!  Well done Bella from all of the Bright Side Crew!  Please pop in to select a well-deserved toy (I’m afraid we don’t have any shaped like an Oscar…maybe a lion or a partridge will do).


On a serious note we are really pleased that all these lovely patients are doing so well and have been such a pleasure to work with!

Come back next month’s to see who gets March’s Bright Side Star patient