Not JUST a Receptionist…..

By: Jemma

….but a Multi-Tasking Marvel!


With last Tuesday (October 1st) being the first ever BVRA’s Veterinary Receptionist Appreciation Day, I thought I would share a little about our amazing reception team, what they do, and dispel some of the myths surrounding front desk life.

We are like the conductor of an orchestra – it’s occasionally out of tune, but when everything hits the right notes, it’s a beautiful thing!

When you walk through the doors, our reception team will give you a warm welcome and check-in your pet. You may sometimes find our arms full of puppies, and oh my we love those days! There is nothing better than cuddling your fluffy fluff ball and having smushy kisses. If we could, we would cuddle and fuss over every single animal walking through the door but, alas, practice life is rarely that “fluffy” (quiet – or “the Q word” is not allowed to be used). It’s usually very “furry” (busy), so please don’t feel we love your pet any less if we can’t make it over to them for a loves!

Despite wanting to be sitting waiting for those cuddles, let’s talk about what we “do do”. When we’re not checking in pets, answering the phone, replying to emails, taking payments, fetching prescriptions and food, you may find us mopping up wee, picking up poo, cleaning down the waiting area, restocking leaflets, ordering stationary and working our way through a mountain of paperwork that needs to be sorted, filed, saved, shredded, scanned, attached or copied! Add in the call backs to clients, lab results to process, insurance forms and VIP processing, you can soon see why those puppy cuddles start to become a distant dream….

Now, although we must sound like superheroes (minus the Lycra and big hair) we have our limitations. We can advise you on basic health care for your pet, but we sadly can’t diagnose Bruiser from his bark down the phone (neither can a vet) so if we advise you to book with a nurse or vet, we are doing this so your pet can receive the very best level of care.

All this and we can still squeeze in our lunches, occasional snuggle with the inpatients and even the odd cup of tea! 

With our reception being such a busy area of the practice, we have looked into ways of making things easier for everyone. We brought in online booking in 2018 so you can easily book routine appointments like vaccinations, consultations and nail clips, at any time of day (or night). We recently introduced our online chat system on our website, meaning you can get the answer to the most frequently asked questions at the click of a button. You can also contact us (and share your beautiful pet pics) via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We really do value and welcome feedback – it helps us to know what we do really well and what we need to work harder on. So if you have anything to tell us, good or bad, please get in touch.

Over the coming months, our receptionists will be letting you know a bit more about them with their own blog, but for now we’ll see you at the reception desk!

Love from Emma, Jemma, Sarah & Ellie AKA The Bright Side Reception Crew x