It’s been six months!

By: Jason

Where did that go?  It seems like only yesterday we were opening our doors for the lovely people and pets of the Swadlincote area.  They say time flies when you are having fun and it certainly has.  I won’t lie and say it has been all kicks and giggles for the past few months…there have been tears and tantrums and that’s just me not getting my way with the Costa runs!  All the stress and hard work has, however, been totally worth it.  As we pass this land mark for our new business I have taken time out to count our blessings and it is sobering to realise what we have achieved.  We have exceeded our expectations and already expanding our team – soon the Bright Side Crew will number 4 full time staff and three part timers.  Soon we will begin to advertise for a second vet…something we never thought we would be doing for another year.

Speaking to Kelly about this we both agree that there are two things for us to be thankful for since opening.  Firstly the amazing people and pets we have met from the Swadlincote area – warm, friendly and definitely a community of pet lovers!  We have made new acquaintances; some of whom are rapidly becoming friends.

Secondly our team – the Bright Side Crew – who have supported us no end and always aim to emulate our desire to be a totally customer and pet focused practice giving the highest standards of service and care.

I have previously mentioned in previous blogs that the feedback we have received has been has been overwhelming (and kept us going if we have been having a hard day!!).  Initially just on Facebook, this now has expanded to a new service that is the veterinary equivalent of TripAdvisor.  We already have loads of great reviews here but we need to go a long way if we want to win “vet of the year”…last year’s winner had over 400 entries!  If you fancy helping out of course then please do!!!  It is particular satisfying for the Bright Side Crew who have worked in other places that didn’t believe in sharing the praise they received from clients.

Together with Bright Side’s own “supervet”, my beautiful wife Kelly, we will be celebrating what we have achieved but there will be no resting on our laurels – there’s too much to do!!!  If you are about please pop by to see us on the last weekend of the month when we have teamed up with our Friends at Touch FM to sponsor the Swadlincote Festival of Leisure.  Some of the team will be there but also some of the charities we support.  If the weather is as nice as it was yesterday we are in for a fun time!  It would be lovely to see you and your pets there or at the practice (just pop in if your passing…your pet doesn’t have to be poorly for us to see you).