Changing doors at Bright Side Vets

By: Jason

Anyone who has been to Bright Side Vets today, will have seen the arrival of builders in our car park!  It has caused some disruption today but we hope that short term pain for both customers and the Bright Side Crew will be worth it in the end.  By early May it should be finished and you will see a new entrance.

So what we are doing…well last year we decided that we needed to improve the access to the vets by adding in a ramp.  Primarily this has been to allow for wheelchair users and for families with prams but we also want to provide our elderly or infirm patients with an easier access.  So in around four weeks you will be able to get into Bright Side Vets either by a new set of steps or a short ramp.  Blocking up the old entrance will create a new space in our waiting area that albeit small will provide us with some additional seating space.

Plan of new entrance

In the short term there will be some parking challenges and we ask that you bear with us whilst this work is going on.  As of today all of the staff are either walking to work or parking elsewhere so as to keep the prime spaces as free as possible.  A few teething problems today meant we were short during morning consults but we will do our best to minimise the impact during the work.

Any questions or comments please do come and speak to Kelly or I.