Cat Vaccination Shortage 2021

By: Ellie Bates

We are experiencing an international shortage of all Cat Vaccinations.

What does this mean?

Every cat due for their yearly booster vaccination appointment will be delayed until the shortage is over. We will be contacting everyone to book in as soon as we receive the vaccines.

When are the vaccines going to be available?

We have been informed that the shortage may last until January 2021. Any further information will be updated here.

Is my cat at risk if my boosters are overdue?

Every cat that has had vaccines before now will have a level of retained immunity giving them protection against diseases after their vaccine date has overran.

Without yearly booster vaccines we cannot guarantee this immunity level and advise to be vigilant with your cats health and contact us if you notice any changes.

What can I do to minimise the risk of my cat getting the diseases they are vaccinated against?

This is difficult as it will depend on if your cat remains indoor, if they are an outdoor explorer, if you have feral cat colony in the area or if your cat mixes with other unvaccinated cat.

If you are worried, the way to minimise risk is to keep your cat indoors and reduce how much they interact with other cats.  If you cannot do this, then other factors might help to reduce the risk of getting a disease, for example ensuring they are neutered.  A neutered cat is less likely to go looking for a mate and therefore reduces the chance of them getting into a fight with an unvaccinated cat.

Will I have to pay for a restart when the vaccines are back in stock?

No – We will make sure any extra vaccines (other than their regular yearly booster vaccine) your pet needs to bring them back up to date after the shortage is at no cost to you. You will only have to pay for a routine booster vaccination appointment as usual (already covered if you are a VIPets Club member).

Can my new kitten have a vaccination?

We will prioritise the vaccinations we have left in stock to our existing clients kittens and completely unvaccinated cats. We believe that as they have had no protection from previous vaccines that they will be most at risk if left without vaccinations for this period.

These will only be offered subject to availability and vaccination stock levels.

If you have any further questions please contact us here.