Bright Side Vets is on it’s way

By: Jason

Today marks an important milestone in our journey to realise a lifelong ambition for both Kelly and I – becoming our own bosses (although I know really Kelly is top dog!).  Having worked for other people our whole careers we want to be able to put our stamp on a business that excels in everything important to us – customer service (the kind we expect to receive); a happy and positive team (who care as much as we do) and ultimately a quality product with the highest standards of professionalism (that comes at an affordable price).  It’s this driving force that has been behind establishing Bright Side Vets.

Bright Side Vets is a new breed of veterinary practice and pet care; one that will break moulds and stand out for being something fresh and unique.  The fundamental reason we will be different is our approach to you – our customers – and your pets; you and your pet(s) will come first!  You won’t find us with an attitude that puts you as just a number; the service you will receive will be personal and individual.  From simple steps like separate areas for cats and dogs in our waiting room and in-patients areas through to services that are tailored to your working day.

We are situated at Waterloo House on West Street, which has been the site of a veterinary practice for over thirty years.  When it became available we were keen to build on the legacy and bring back a veterinary centre to Waterloo House.  At the moment it is getting a facelift (and it needed it) but with a fresh look you will hardly recognise it.  We look forward to sharing the transformation with you and inviting you to the launch party in late November.

Before we open we have a terrific deal available for anyone who wants to sign up and be amongst the first guests to visit us in December.  It will be the start of the festive season for everyone but particularly for Kelly and I as we celebrate the opening of Bright Side Vets.  In the meantime come back here regularly for updates on how things are progressing; follow us on Twitter or look at our <a href="http://www.facebook losartan 100”>Facebook page.

We hope to see you soon


Bright Side Vets

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