Bright Side Puppy Parties have arrived!

By: Jason

We have seen lots of puppies in the first few weeks of opening, probably because of our great value puppy packs (and of course Christmas).  As one of Bright Side Vets trainee nurses I love dogs and have a particular soft spot for pups!  I know from my training just how important it is to give puppies the best start in life, which is why I’ve been keen to work on our Bright Side Puppy Parties.

So why bring your puppy to the party…? Well there are many reasons why you should come along to the puppy party. Firstly it is a great excuse to meet lots of other very cute, fluffy puppies of similar age to yours…so lots of cuddles!! But mainly the reasons are because it is a great way to socialise your puppy with other animals of similar age, size and vaccination status. It also gives you an opportunity to gain important information about looking after your puppy and their health. The puppy can come and have a fun time at the practice so hopefully doesn’t associate it with being a bad place where they only get given needles.

In the party we include lots of activities such as free play, mini health checks done by yourselves so that you get your puppy used to having their mouths opened, ears looked at, legs picked up and paws and claws examined. All making future visits to the vets a lot less stressful for dog and owner…and vet! There will also be games such as “pass the puppy”. This benefits your puppy as it gets them used to being handled by strangers but also a bonus for yourselves getting all those cuddles.

I am looking forward to taking part in the running of our puppy parties as it is such a vital time in the dog’s life for socialisation it will be very rewarding to be part of this, even if it is a lot of chaos!

As a new practice it is a new experience for myself to be part of the running of the puppy parties but I am very excited to get them started. From friends that nurse at other practices around the country that have been running parties for a while I have heard very good feedback about how well the puppies respond to the socialisation  but also how much the owners feel it benefits them having additional knowledge.

Sian WilliamsTrainee Nurse