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Veterinary Receptionist

We are not going to waste your time by telling you all the reasons that you will like working at Bright Side Vets but if all the following gets you going, we know you will love it here.

  • Meeting new people and animals and striving to make them (and their pet) feel special. Our clients come from all walks of life but the most important thing to them is their fur family so ensuring they are treated equally special is critical.
  • Working with people with the same values as you that want to help you succeed and take a genuine interest in you. Our team have a variety of interests, experience and hair styles but we are all passionate about delivering the best…plus we like a laugh too!
  • Like juggling…well multitasking to an extreme that means you always are busy and kept interested.
  • We are a family business that is independently run so being part of growing and developing the business is everyone’s job. Also, it gives us the autonomy to be flexible with you and what you are looking for (hours, benefits, etc).  Essentially, we look for the win, win with you!

This job sounds like it’s more than “just” a receptionist

Well, if you are thinking that you are absolutely correct!  If you want a job answering the phone and chatting to clients, then please look elsewhere.

Our front of house team is the glue that holds everything together; they are the ones that keep the crew content (by not overbooking things), making clients happy and keeping the ship moving by supporting with all the admin that happens in a vet practice.  Being tech savvy is a must as we use Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS as well as all familiar Office programs and other veterinary systems you may never have heard of.

The job entails being a shoulder to cry on when that final visit happens but moments later jumping for joy when a new fur baby arrives with a client.  Its juggling phone calls with people in front of you and dogs barking in the background…it sounds like chaos (and some days it feels like it) but it is rewarding and can be fun.  They say variety is the spice of life…well as a receptionist at Bright Side you will get lots of spice!!

Have you worked in a vet practice before?

If not, we are not concerned.  We believe, what makes us different to other veterinary practices is the care we provide our clients.  We can teach the clinical information you need but the right attitude and care for people and animals alike we can’t.

We run a well organised ship!  We invest in our people so protect time in our day diary for team meetings, in-house training and monthly one-to-one catch ups.   Your wellbeing is important to us too.  How can you give 100% if you are not 100%?  We recognise the role we play in this, so we have a dedicated member of staff as an in-house wellbeing guru!  Sadly, this does not extend to yoga classes and a wine bar in the staff room (well not yet any way….).

So, what do we look for in a new crew member?

We strive to be dynamic and different, that even applies to our interview technique!  We believe in employing a person into our team that shares the same values as us.  So, for you to apply, we don’t want your CV but we want to hear what you have to say.   Call this number – 03003035886 – and follow the instructions, essentially, telling us why you are interested in working at Bright Side Vets and why you think you will fit in as one of our reception champions!

If you need more information, peek at our reviews, or stalk us on Facebook.  There you will see we can conform where it matters too and have lots of shiny awards and accreditation within the industry as well.  Did we mention we get lots of cake to enjoy too?