Bunny Bedlam – Rabbit Vaccination Day

When: 26/04/2017 - 26/04/2017 Where: Bright Side Vets

Did you know that there is a national Rabbit Vaccination crisis? The manufacturer has run out of the single vial vaccinations for VHD1 and Myxomatosis earlier this year. As a result many rabbits have been unable to get the protection they need against these dangerous diseases.

We have managed to secure some large 50 dose bottles of the vaccine that means we can provide cover BUT it has to be used within 4 hours or it will be wasted. We also only have a VERY VERY limited supply.

As we had an outbreak of Myxomatosis last year locally, it is critically important to get your rabbits vaccinated. At times of outbreak the manufacturers recommend vaccinating every six months!

we want to try and maximise the number of bunnies we can vaccinate out of the 50 dose vial so we are holding a Bunny Bedlam Vaccination day. On 26th April we will be only offering rabbit appointments between 2pm and 6pm to ensure owners can get into see a vet and get their bunny vaccinated.

As an added incentive, health checks and vaccinations are on offer at just £20 (a 20% discount of normal prices).

Ring to get booked in ASAP slots will get booked up quickly.

Further Information

Contact Name: The Bright Side Crew Contact Email:  manager@brightsidevets.com Contact Tel: 01283 617 020