Big Bang Theory (getting ready for firework season)

When: 25/10/2016 - 25/10/2016 Where: Bright Side Vets

Firework season is almost upon us.  If that means more fear than fun for your pets then come along to the next Bright Side Vets client evening to find out more.

Dog Owners did you know?  It is estimated that approximately 45 per cent of dogs become stressed and fearful while fireworks are going off, yet many owners are unaware of how to help their dogs with firework fears and the precautions that can be taken to help them cope with their fear of loud noises.

Other pets including cats, rabbits and other small furries all can also be affected during the season.  There is lots that can be done to support them through this troubling period and that’s where the Bright Side Crew is here to help. Come along to our free client evening or if you can’t make it contact us for some advice on 01283 617020

The evening will include an informal chat by the Bright Side Crew and some refreshments.  To book a space please email or call us.

Further Information

Contact Email: Contact Tel: 01283 617020