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Category: Vaccine
Cat Vaccination Shortage 2021

Cat Vaccination Shortage 2021

By: Ellie Bates

We are experiencing an international shortage of all Cat Vaccinations. What does this mean? Every cat due for their yearly booster vaccination appointment will be delayed until the shortage is over. We will be contacting everyone to book in as soon as we receive the vaccines. When are the vaccines going to be available? We…read more…

VHD2 vaccine warning

VHD2 vaccine warning

By: Jemma

Do I need to be concerned about VHD2? You may possibly have seen articles in the local press recently regarding a ‘deadly virus’ which could possibly affect rabbits in our local area. The virus in question is Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 2, also called VHD2 or RVHD2. It is a virulent, highly contagious variant that…read more…