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Cuisle the Cocker Spaniel Case Study

Cuisle was an 8-year-old neutered female Cocker Spaniel who is the star of this case study. Cuisle had been previously diagnosed with a spinal deformity causing neurological deficits. As this progressed urinary retention became the main concerning symptom which was unresponsive to medical management. The bladder was managed by the placement of a permanent cystotomy tube. The owner was incredibly committed and experienced being a human GP and able to manage the catheter for 18 months. The tube was replaced under general anaesthesia several times during this time.

As Cuisle’s condition progressed megacolon and a secondary bilateral perineal hernia developed. Colectomy was performed taking care to preserve the ileo-caeco-colic junction.  Bilateral perineal herniorrhaphy was performed later. Cuisle continued to do well for a number of years.


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