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Here at Bright Side, we have been offering acupuncture as part of a multimodal approach and complementary treatment for many of our patients to assist with pain and inflammatory conditions. Acupuncture can be particularly useful where a patient may not be able to tolerate conventional therapies or medicines or where despite using surgical and medical treatment the outcome is still not as effective as desired.

Acupuncture is a treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicine whereby fine needles are inserted at certain specific points in the body to stimulate nerves under the skin and muscle. This results in the body producing natural pain-relieving endorphins that have beneficial effects on inflammation and painful conditions.

At Bright Side we are happy to take acupuncture referrals to aid a patient’s treatment. Whether that is alongside a surgical or medical approach that has already started or as an alternative treatment where a conventional approach has not been able to be fully utilised.

Desmo is a patient who is currently benefiting from a 4-week course of acupuncture. He is a 5-year-old male dachshund that acquired an acute intervertebral disc herniation after jumping off a sofa. When seen by the referring vet Desmo had reduced proprioception in his left hindlimb and no proprioception in his right with hindlimb paralysis. Desmo is being treated medically for this condition and we believe acupuncture has had a real beneficial part to play. Desmo is now walking and playing with much improvement in his spinal reflexes, stance, and gait. He will now continue with monthly sessions alongside his treatment plan from his referring practice.

If you are interested in getting acupuncture for one of your client’s animals please give Kelly at call or email her at for more information.


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