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A Thorny Issue 

Bree, a 3 year old Domestic Shorthaired Cat, presented with a penetrating foreign body injury to her right eye.


On examination, Bree had normal menace and dazzle reflexes. The foreign body had entered her cornea in a ventral direction and luckily had remained within the anterior chamber. The cornea had fluorescein uptake around the thorn entry point but no other uptake was visible. The eye was Siedal test negative.

Under general anaesthetic and with use of the operating microscope the foreign body, a thorn, was removed and the entry point sutured with 9-0 Vicryl. 







Corneal Foreign Bodies

Removal of corneal foreign bodies can be tricky and it is always best to refer these cases as urgent referrals if the client is able to do so. Should referral not be an option it is important to be careful when grabbing the end of the object that you are trying to remove. It is best to use two 25G needles and bend the ends to make a small hook. These can then be used to grasp the end of the object and gently remove it. Using forceps can crush the end of the object and also lead it to be pushed further into the eye. 


Bree has made a full recovery and there have been no ongoing issues with her eye since the procedure.  


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