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Here at Bright Side we endeavour to help and advise you on how to look after your pet through all of his/her stages of life.

These include the essential actions you should take to prevent disease and promote optimal health and welfare. These include:

  • Having your pet regularly vaccinated. We have a comprehensive vaccine protocol for all species and would be happy to discuss good practice, prices and diseases covered
  • Using regular parasitic control to avoid your pet suffering from worm and flea burdens. We have tailored these products for all species in different formats to cater for whether your pet prefers to have a tablet or “spot on” varieties. Just tell us what species, age and size your pet is and one of the Bright Side Crew will advise you on which product will be most suitable.
  • Microchips! Always consider having your pet microchipped. This involves a small device the size of a grain of rice being implanted between the shoulder blades. This will be a legal requirement for dog owners in 2016.
  • Taking out recommended insurance to make sure if your pet becomes unwell and needs treatment, worrying about the cost is less of a concern.
  • Neutering! It’s always a big decision but we will be able to answer all your questions as to why here at Bright Side we recommend having your pet neutered to avoid future diseases. We always aim to give you a balanced view so you can make an informed decision.
  • Good Nutrition! Absolutely vital to ensure your pet receives all the nutrients they need at whatever life stage they are at. We have a selection of highly recommend diets that we would be happy to discuss with you and tailor to your pet’s needs. We offer loyalty schemes on regular purchases keeping all our diet costs in line to commercial and pet shop foods.
  • Regular trips to the vets! We want to encourage you to monitor your pet’s health and no one knows your pet better then you do! If you have an elderly pet for example or you are concerned your pet is starting to carry a little weight we offer a wide range of nurse clients which are free to attend!  Come and discuss any concerns or matters relating to your pet. Our nurses will help determine if it is necessary to see the vet or whether some advice from them is all you need at that particular time.
  • Regular exercise! All of our pets need lots of exercise. Here at Bright Side Vets we want to promote healthy joints and fitness. Ask about our joint care recommendations, supplements and supportive therapies.

If you want to get some advice before calling us try our on-line Symptom Guide