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We are often asked information about charities and organisations that might be able to support the care of animals.

This might be because they have found wildlife or a stray that is injured, a family pet that needs to be rehomed for various reasons or financial support for the care of their fur baby.  The information below may assist with who to contact and why.

Please note the information may change and we recommend you checking the website or contact a representative of each organisation for the up to date details.

To rehome a pet or to adopt a new pet for your family:

Wonky Pets Rescue

A locally based rescue organisation specialising in animals with special needs but has a wide range of animals (young and old) in their care.  Check out who they have to rescue currently on their website or their Facebook page.





Harley’s Hounds

A local charity that looks after both cats and dogs across the Midlands.  Speak to their team about adoption and fostering opportunities.


To gain financial support for pet care:


If you are struggling to afford any vets bills for your pet, you can take them to the PDSA for them to look at and treat your pet. They will ask for a donation to be made and you will need to be on the following benefits to be eligible:

  • Housing Benefit (means-tested help with rent)
  • Council tax support/reduction scheme
  • Universal credit with a housing element

The reception team at the PDSA will need to see proof that you claim these benefits before they will treat your pet.

One pet is eligible for free veterinary services, additional pets can then be registered for the reduced cost scheme.

Their telephone number is 01332 345771.

If you find an injured animal:


If you have found a sick or injured domestic animal, then you can give the RSPCA a call – the RSPCA will pay for emergency treatment until an owner is found. Please note that you will need to call them BEFORE you bring the animal to us. On the phone you can inform them you are bringing the animal to Bright Side and they will give you a log number for us to have, as.  The number to call is 0300 123 4999.

For Neutering Support:

Cats Protection

The Cats Protection can help with costs towards neutering cats. They provide part vouchers for the neutering. Their vouchers are means tested but please give them a call on the following number for help with the cost. Here at Bright Side, we cannot take the full vouchers from the head office. There number is 03000 12 12 12.