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It has been our ambition to set up Bright Side Vets for nearly ten years!  We are thrilled that we can bring you what we believe is high quality service and innovative pet care.

Together with our amazing team of professionals Bright Side Vets aims to be your first choice for your pet (and not just when they are poorly but to help make sure they are as healthy and happy as they can be).

So the Bright Side Crew…who are we?  Well, we are a husband and wife team that are supported by a great network of friends and family.  Kelly is the person our clients and their pets will want to get to know quickly, as she’s the vet.  The inspiration for our business, the person who’s skills and passion for taking care of animals has given us the confidence to jump and become our own bosses!  Jason (that’s me) is the person you will often see front of house, meeting and greeting, or online doing the marketing and social media stuff.

More about Kelly.  Kelly is one of the most determined people I know; passionate and incredibly dedicated to her work, her family and the other things in her life that make her happy.  Born in Bristol she has one brother (Matt) and two very cute nieces; her mum is one of her closest friends and will no doubt be found at the practice on frequent occasions.  Kelly studied Veterinary Sciences at Bristol before working in Pembrokeshire for a few years, where she learnt her craft in a very busy mixed animal practice.  A true James Herriot type lifestyle working all hours and treating every type of creature you could find in South West Wales.

Following that diverse job Kelly moved to the Midlands where she became the head vet for a small animal practice in Bedworth.  As an integral part of the team there Kelly helped to grow the business to become clinical director and responsible for 7 other vets.  Not one to rest on her laurels or be complacent about her abilities, Kelly has undertaken a wealth of further courses to become a more diverse and competent vet; learning new skills and talents to help her treat the animal patients she sees.  For example, acupuncture, advanced small animal surgery and using advanced diagnostics such as ultrasound and endoscopy.

As for Jason (well…it couldn’t be more different).  I don’t lay claim to any part of the country other than being born in Oxford and my parents currently living in Lincolnshire (where I did most of my schooling).  I have two brothers, two sisters and a wealth of incredible nieces and nephews who live around the country.  My background is in tourism of all things – I started out wanting to be a chef but quickly realised that being with people, seeing them happy and content by things I was doing was where my passion really laid.  Working for numerous small hotels and restaurants (some quite well known) has given me a different skill set that I hope will come in useful with Bright Side Vets.

There are an increasing amount of crew members here at Bright Side and you can read about them in the meet the team pages of this website

The service you will receive here is based on what we would expect to receive when we go to a vets…or indeed any place where a service is provided.  The promises we make to our client are as follows: –

  • Trusted and Reliable – we will always be transparent and look to be consistent in our approach.
  • Quality (of care and service) – we will always try to provide the best possible service for you and your pets.
  • Value for money – we are not a budget brand but equally we recognise vets can be expensive and will not charge you an unfair price.
  • Fresh and Dynamic – we will always try to be give you service and care that is unique, special and as innovative as it is consistent.