Star Pet is Back!! Kicking it off with an extra special lady……Cuisle

By: Hazel Robinson

So, some of you may have noticed we have been a little slack on the Star Pet feature of our blog. However, we are pleased to announce it is back and we are setting off again with a really bright star. So without further ado, our first Star Pet of 2018 is (drumroll please) ……..CUISLE. 

Cuisle is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel who has unfortunately, from birth, had many medical challenges. Thanks to her dedicated owner she has taken each one within her stride and despite many visits to Bright Side Vets, is always so excited to see us. Her owner thinks Cuisle feels that coming in for a day of ‘pampering’ with us, is like a having trip to the spa.

Cuisle’s recent cause for concern is a unique neurological condition which means that Cuisle is unable to urinate on her own. As a result, her bladder slowly fills up overtime with no way of her emptying it. She therefore has required regular trips to the ‘spa’ aka Bright Side Vets, where we drain her bladder for her. As much as Cuisle loves coming here to Bright Side Vets and we love seeing her, this requires very frequent visits which isn’t recommended as a long-term solution. To overcome this hurdle Cuisle underwent surgery to place a permanent Cystostomy tube. This is a tube which sits in her bladder and exits out of her abdominal wall. This will allow anyone to drain her bladder as frequently as they like, meaning that Cuisle no longer needs to come visit us to have her bladder drained.

In performing this surgery the aim was to give Cuisle and her dedicated owner much more freedom and a better quality of life. Her owner can drain her bladder regularly and from the comfort of her own home. We still see Cuisle frequently for checks and a quick cuddle to make sure everything is working as it should however due to the great success of the operation this is becoming less and less frequent.

It is because of Cuisle’s never wavering optimistic, full of life personality and apparent unconditional love for us as well as her unique condition that we feel she is the perfect candidate for STAR PET!