Introducing Katie, Heading up the Nurses at Bright Side!

By: Katie

For several of you out there, we have already met but Jason and Kelly asked me to write this blog to introduce myself a little more as the New Year has brought in a couple of changes that affect me and I’m rather excited about.

Pictured is Katie Woods, Head Nurse at Bright Side Vets

I’m Katie and after nearly nine months at Bright Side Vets I have just been promoted to Head Nurse; before I tell you about how this will benefit you when visiting us, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I trained and graduated with a Foundation Science Degree in Veterinary Nursing from Nottingham Trent University where I went to work in private practice in Long Eaton.  I was at this practice for 4 years and whilst there realised I had a fond interest in dog behaviour and training.  I completed a Certificate in Canine Veterinary Nursing which focuses on minimising stress to dogs in the veterinary environment as well as considering dog training and behavioural problems great site.  From this I went on to set up my own small business called KT’s K9 Academy, which provides puppy socialisation classes and dog obedience training classes.

With such an interest in canine behaviour I took up an opportunity to work with the Dogs Trust in Loughborough, where I covered the maternity leave for their Head Nurse for almost a year. This was really valuable as I gained further knowledge into working with dogs with behavioural problems or needing further training.  Once this contract ended I looked into moving closer to home (I live in Swad!), which brought me to Bright Side.

Beyond my five and half years’ experience in small animal practice I have also been involved in charity work (supporting rescue centres in my own time) and working on my days off in a busy out of hours service that has given me lots of knowledge on emergency and critical care.

For those of you that don’t know what the difference is between a vet and a vet nurse, I’ll give you a brief in sight.  Nurses will assess and monitor in patients which includes feeding, watering, cleaning kennels, medicating, giving fluid therapy, physiotherapy and much more.  We also monitor patients whilst under anaesthetics to ensure they stay asleep, assist with the x-rays including positioning and developing, take blood samples, recover patients when coming round from anaesthetic, deal with all the stock in the practice, keep the place clean and tidy and run nurse consultations which include vaccines, flea and worm checks, senior clinics and much MUCH more!!!  We do a lot of stuff that you probably didn’t even realise.

I wanted to share with you what I would like to bring to Bright Side as the newly appointed Head Nurse.  My primary role is the line manager for the nursing team, so I’m responsible for them and will ensure that, at all times, they are there to help you in every way possible. I will also ensure that whilst your fur babies are with us in the practice they will give them the time and patience they need whilst treating them exactly as if they were their own.  With a new registered nurse joining the team at the end of January we will be extending the nursing consultation times to provide you with more options.  Nurses can do 2nd Vaccinations, Flea and Worm Checks, Dental Checks, Senior Clinics, Weight Clinics, Behavioural Clinics, New Puppy/Kitten Checks, Post Operative Checks.

I hope this gives you a brief introduction to myself and the new job role but feel free to contact me if you want to know anything further.  I look forward to seeing you all at Bright Side soon.

Katie getting to know one of our patients

Katie getting to know one of our patients