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Katie Elton - Head Nurse

Katie Elton - Head Nurse

My name is: Katie.

My position at Bright Side is: Head Veterinary Nurse.

I am originally from: Swadlincote.

I have the following qualifications: Registered Veterinary Nurse, Foundation Science Degree in Veterinary Nursing, National Diploma in Animal Management, Certificate in Canine Veterinary Nursing and Certificate in Canine Behaviour and Training.

In the past I have gained experience by: being a locum nurse at Vets Now Emergency Service and working at the Dogs Trust.

My favourite pastimes include: walking my dog and socialising with friends.

My furry friends are: Denzel the American Bulldog Cross,  Jack and Don the cats and a tropical fish tank.

If I wasn’t working at Bright Side I would be: setting up my own animal retirement centre!

My favourite holiday location is: the Carribean.

Something that not many people know about me is: I can play the clarinet.

I love Bright Side Vets because: we have such an amazing team that pull together no matter what the situation.